No man is an island, and some of my best work has come from collaborating with others!

Sometimes everyone works on a piece and brings them together to make an amazing whole. Twice I got to work on the LA CORE project (Circle of Regional Effigies) for Burning Man 2011 and 2012.

HP Sauce
finished plaque
HP Sauce – blurry pic

2011’s project, SCARAB, was a structure built to look like a food truck that had plaques representing the many cities and neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles. I made a plaque for my neighborhood, Highland Park, featuring many landmarks including Chicken Boy and the Highland Theatre.

The original burned with the main project, but I used a photograph to create a digital version of the plaque. I took the photo before mailing it off (I didn’t attend the event that year) and unfortunately it was a little blurry. Here’s the picture on the right:

You can prints of the finished circular art here and you can get it printed on a variety of products like t-shirts, travel mugs, water bottles and phone cases here.

2012’s project, Seraphim, was more involved for me (mainly I had more time available to give). I made a panel for the central vortex that you can see below, and I also helped on build days, tearing apart pallets and staining the slats that made up the “fire”.

taken just after completion in my backyard
and here it is in place!
and here it is in place!

core joelcore angel 1 core


Another fun opportunity for collaborations happens at house parties that I host: I often hang a few pieces of blank poster-board and encourage guests to doodle, paint or write on them. Afterwards, I add my own touches to try to tie different elements together to make a more cohesive design. Currently I have one that’s complete and 3 that need more done to them before I will be satisfied. Hopefully the next party will see some progress!

30th bday
From my 30th birthday party

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