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I love movies and making movies, and have been wearing various hats in the industry for years. Though I eventually found my path in making mixed media art, I first came to LA in 2004 with a BFA in Acting from NYU and a plan to pursue the Hollywood dream. The craft of acting is still one that interests me, though it isn’t one I am actively pursuing. However, I consider myself very lucky in that I’ve found so many different ways to express myself!

Since 2007, I’ve worked as a Production Designer, Art Director, Prop Master, Art Department Assistant and a Stunt-car Passenger on a variety of productions. Below, you’ll find links to some of those projects as well as some photos and videos. Enjoy!


My most involved project to date was a short film called “Crazy Town”.  Some day I’ll create a blog post just to remember my experiences on that shoot, and to show off the many ambitious projects that went into making it magical. There were a lot of custom pieces created, and a fair amount of ingenuity was required! I am still in love with the champagne cArt I built with my special ops team out of several shopping carts ~

Champagne cArt

This music video from 2012 turned out quite lovely and I’m very proud of the hard work put in by my art crew to transform an empty, turn-of-the-century farm house into a home ~


I love making custom props and set pieces! Sometimes I make mixed media pieces on my own time, and then filmmaker friends decide to use one for a project! This happened in late 2012 with a BARDIS (Booze And Relative Drinks In Space) I had built for my own personal use out of some leftover wood scraps from a garden box project. A producer friend who is also a Dr. Who fan loved it so much, she insisted on including it on a set for a pilot she was working on. It didn’t ultimately make it into the final cut of the pilot, but I’ve been told it was admired by the crew and helped inspire the actors, and to me, that’s the most important thing. Here are two photos, one showing how the BARDIS looks in my house and one showing it on set, being used as a TV/ gaming console instead of a bar ~

bardis           bardis on set


One of my most fun shooting experiences to date was working with the “Game Night” folks as the one-woman art department for Season 2. They needed a lot of help, from decorating their new apartment- set to finding random ridiculous props. It was a blast working with them!

Here’s Episode 1 of Season 2: Game Night: Season 2 Episode 1

And you can watch the whole series here:

If you’re interested in custom props or set pieces for your upcoming project, please use the contact form below to get in touch with me! I love a challenge!

Check back later for more links to projects, photos & videos…

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