Look For The Helpers

TL;DR – I’m having a studio clearance and donating half of the proceeds to 3 awesome non-profits! Scroll to the bottom to contact me if you are interested in buying one of these pieces (or any pieces)!

Prints Available at Reduced Prices:

My  i ❤️ LA Upcycled Thomas Bros Guide Maps are available at their regular prices ($13 for an unframed, original map & $50 for a framed, original map), and I’ll donate half of those proceeds.

All Los Angeles County & Orange County neighborhood maps are available, please email me about specific inquiries!
Rainbow heart and Dodger Blue heart versions are also available!

My originals are also available at their regular prices, and I’ll donate half of those proceeds as well.


Here we are, a month or more into this new reality, and though plans are being made to restart the world, the process is likely to be slow. Many of us would really like to feel like we are helping the situation in some way. We want to contribute. Whether we are working an “essential job” and putting our health on the line, or if we are confined to our homes, idling the days away while trying to keep anxiety from running amok, we all are doing our part. Staying home and not-working is actually doing a lot, in terms of saving lives.

It’s understandable if that doesn’t feel like enough. Some among us would point to the successes we are seeing now and say the reactions were overrated and hyperbolic. Others would point to other countries and use them as evidence that we could have done a lot more.

What’s clear to me, through all of this, is that the humanity in each of us will always find a way to support our neighbor or a stranger. Teddy bears and rainbows in windows, balcony concerts, 3d-printed ventilators and PPE, surprise virtual birthday parties on Zoom- these are examples of the human need to help.

As the concept of time-banking teaches us, there are no throw-away people. Everyone has value, everyone can contribute something. Write a letter, make a phone call, grow something & share it, make something & share it. Find cute, wholesome content on the internet and share it, like we do over at the Bliss Auctions D’awww page and instagram. For more cuteness, check out my cat’s instagram. Send love out into the world and make it a more positive place for even just one creature.

And now, to my contribution: I still have several of the pieces that I had printed for my art show last year, and I would love for them to go from studio storage to hanging in new homes. I’ll be moving soon (to shrink monthly expenses and weather the current storm) and would prefer to not have to move them, so…

I’ve reduced the prices on the prints and I’ll be donating half of the money earned from any sale! Yes, a full 50% of the proceeds from this studio sale will be donated, and the breakdown of the donation will be as follows:

  • 20% to the Los Angeles Food Bank
  • 20% to the Trevor Project
  • 10% to Stray Cat Alliance

I chose to split my donations in this way, because I believe all 3 organizations are among the many that are doing all they can for the communities they serve during these intense times. I would love to be making large donations to them with my own funds, but I am unemployed for the foreseeable future, so this seemed like a way to make giving possible while also helping me de-clutter!

Message me via the form below, or send me an email at ruth.grayson@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces!

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