Proud to be an Ally

*For the entire month of June 2019, I am donating 50% of my sales from the Rainbow Heart logo to The Trevor Project.*

The need to stand with our fellow humans against discrimination and hate is great right now. The need to be vocal about our support of others is strong. The need to do something, anything, in the face of oppression, is a need felt by many, and by myself.

I took my original, hand-drawn “i ❤ LA” logo and and revamped the red heart to be a rainbow, in honor and celebration of Pride month. This wasn’t the first update of the design- in 2017, I made a version with a blue heart for the Dodgers’ Series-making season. All 3 versions are now up on my society6 store, and you can get t-shirts, tank tops, bags and mugs and lots of other items!

As I mentioned above, I am donating 50% of all June 2019 sales to The Trevor Project, a wonderful organization that is saving lives and changing them. I only get a small commission from these sales from society6, so I am calling on them to donate part of their proceeds as well!

In addition, I got 1,000 stickers printed from my favorite local printing company. They are 2″ squares of  UV-resistant, waterproof vinyl, and you can stick ’em pretty much anywhere! To buy these, you can Paypal me directly, but please use the “friend” option so we can skip processing fees and have more $ go straight to the donation! I’ll also have them on my etsy shop, but I don’t have that up yet … Or you can just message me below!

(Free shipping to anywhere in the US for the month of June as well!)

The prices of the rainbow heart stickers are:

1 for $1

3 for $2

7 for $5

Lucky 13 for $9!


Please message me if you want larger amounts, or would like a bulk amount of a larger size, I am happy to oblige!



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