Show Time!

Solo Show!

Friday 11/1- Saturday 11/30 at:

Talon Tap & Wine, 1353 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA

Artist’s reception on Friday November 1st, 2019 from 7-10pm!

Ok, now that we have the important details out of the way, I can talk a little bit about this upcoming solo show! As I mentioned in my blog post, An Act Of Submission, sharing and showing your work is the hardest part of the artist’s process, at least for me. Creating the work is challenging, but easy at the same time, because it just flows out.. that is, when things are working right… when they’re not, I highly recommend The Artist’s Way for becoming unblocked creatively. I still do morning pages fairly consistently, as I find it helps me stay focused and confident, and lets me work through the times I’m not feeling either of those feelings.

In fact, the act of typing up this blog post is basically this morning’s pages. I’m sipping my coffee while KJAZZ plays on the “radio” (my laptop) and the cats are watching the hummingbirds at their feeder while bathing themselves in preparation for their mid-morning nap. So if things get overly stream-of-consciousness, apologies in advance! That would be the morning pages coming through.

Showing your work is the scary bit, the part where rejection becomes a real possibility, where risks taken can fail spectacularly and publicly. It’s also the exhilarating bit, because those same risks have the potential to soar and sweep you up into an embrace of praise and approbation, along with general feelings of bad-assery. The Imposter Police get more aggressive when one dares to put their neck out, but even if I never showed my work to anyone, they would still be there, whispering quietly in my ear every negative thought I could ever have about my art.

So they get louder and more aggressive. And I cope by making lists. Lists of things I still need to do. Lists of people I should reach out to about the show. Lists of things I need to buy at the grocery store. And I check items off the lists, and that gives me a sense of control over the Imposter Police. And when it’s time to re-write a list because most of the items have been checked off and I want a fresh, cleaner version of the list from which to work, that feels like reaching the top of a mountain and getting that amazing view from above it all, before beginning the careful return to earth.

But I’ve covered this topic before (see link to the blog post above), and revisiting it now might give the false impression that little to no progress has been made. Which could not be further from the truth! I continue to create and to grow the business side of my creativity! This show is showing me how prepared I really am. When I got the show (The Art Of Asking at its finest, by the by), I mentally ran through my inventory and thought I’d have 5 or 6 pieces to show. As I write this, I am planning on hanging 14 or 15 pieces!

Some of those are prints, not originals, but who’s counting anyway?!

And I’m in a position to get several of those pieces on to platforms that will allow people to purchase prints and products from anywhere in the world! I’ve dabbled in this before, with my society6 page, with some success, but I’m ready to offer a lot more, and on more platforms (websites). Already, I have Apawcalypse Meow available on Fine Art America!

Check back again soon to see what else I’ve added to the For You page!

And in the meantime, if you’re in Los Angeles or Southern California and you can get to Talon Tap & Wine in Eagle Rock, please come check out my show!!! November 1st – November 30th, 2019

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